November 22, 2015

The Star Cups Series


This is a series of more than fourteen books that take place at the café.

With the café being such a big part of many people’s lives, and especially of artists, illustrators and creatives, what better place than the café for a superhero series to make their home base?

Join the many characters that go on world-saving missions, before, after and sometimes during their café visits. It’s fun. And it’s enlightening. It’s truly refreshing!

We’ve drafted the books to work in several different café chains, including McStars Café (a play on McDonald’s), Dunkin’ Cups (a play on Dunkin’ Donuts), Star Cups (a play on Starbucks), Caffé Hero (a play on Caffé Nero), Yay Café Coffee (a play on Cafe Coffee Day), and Wholly Cups!, (a play on Whole Foods café), each a playful take on our café world. Get your day started with a superhero and a café. Each of the below books come in a version for each of these major café chains.


Save the World Dog Drives a Car and Goes Really Far

With the power of imagination, there is no telling where you can go.

Save the World Dog takes readers on a journey to imagine being able to do fun and exciting things, things which are purposeful and caring.

Learning to save the world involves, first, learning to care.

And that takes some imagination. When we imagine being able to make the simple trips and do the simple things, it’s only a small step further to imagine going really far and doing the really big things.

So take your children on a trip to see how far they can go. They won’t go it alone; they’ve got man’s best friend with them when they go with Save the World Dog.



You’ll See It When You Believe It

You’ll see it when you believe it turns “I’ll believe it when I see it” on its head.

Join Save the World Dog and Save the World Guy as they take a trip to find out what the power of belief can do.

This book inspires children with an uplifting, you have to believe it to see it message. It refreshes the kindred spirit and it moves even the hardest of characters to feel like making a difference in the world – all while having fun!





Star Cups Café, It’s the Only Way

It’s the only way?

Well, at least that is what the crew has to say. See why they say, “Star Cups Café, it’s the only way, and it’s a great way to start a world-saving day.” And share in the fun of making a better world as you enjoy coffee, tea or even a nice hot latte.

And be prepared for a special Star Cups Café surprise!

It may be stormy outside, but it’s always a beautiful day when it’s warm inside.




You Ca Be Just Good Ole You

Star Cups and you.

It, saving the world, cannot be done without you.

This fun and entertaining book inspires one and all to embrace their unique individuality. Save the World Dog and his crew admit that there are some things that they cannot do…

Join them to see what they can and cannot do,  and why you are a big part of the journey and story too.



Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.36.01 AMIt’s All About You and What You Can Do

Maybe you’ve heard, it’s all about you.

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s also about what you can do. It’s about what you can do to make this world a better place. It’s about what you can do and say to make things and the world and people go the right way.

It’s all about you today, and every day.

So c’mon, let’s read with Save the World Dog, it’s fun, it’s a little like play.

Let’s find out about what you can do with the rest of the world, with the rest of your life, in your own special way.


                                                                       The World Is in This Cup

The world is in this cup?

“Yup,” says Pup.

You’ve heard of “hop on pop,” well, this is pup on top – this is the whole world on top – when…

when you see how we’re all in this together. Take a journey to see just how we’re all in this cup – together, no matter the way, no matter the weather.

It’s a one-way ticket we’ve got, riding on this world. So c’mon. Let’s go see how we’re the ingredients for a better world, cup.



Star Cups Gives

Star Cups gives.

It’s time to find out what Star Cups gives.

Star Cups gives a care….

And you can too with the Star Cups give-a-dare.

See what you are being tasked to do. See how you are being asked to care. And see how you can share in the attempt to make us all more aware.

We need you here, we need you there. Here, there, and everywhere with Star Cups and you someone, somewhere, will receive your tender, loving care. So, c’mon, let’s share with flair!





It’s about being uplifting! It’s time to lift another up. It’s time to raise a cup. It’s time for the Ucadoo Crew and Save the World Pup to take you on a journey to lift things up, and up and up!

Find out how you can be a part of the lifting up.

The world needs you, so c’mon…

let’s read ‘em up.




cup up ctwu -


Cup Up

Man up? Woman up?

It’s time to cup up. It’s time to raise a glass. It’s time to catch a pass. It’s our job too – there’s a lot more we can do.

It’s time to see what we both need to do, how to step up, how to raise ourselves up – and up and up.

This is about our joint world-saving bout.

It’s up to us, the café and you, to make a difference.

We’ve got to bring others along too. So, let’s go join this world saving pup, and give it up, while we cup up!


Coolgle schoolgle for

Coolgle Schoolgle

It’s a cool school, this Google.

A googol is a number. It’s a one with one hundred zeros. Like a googol, there’s Google, which is a place that can take you to a gazillion or a googol of great places – so, let’s gooooooo….

It’s time to find out how coolgle this Google is…. It’s time to see how it’s a school for the infinitely, extraordinarily gooooooood!

So, let’s gooooooooogle!




You're Amazing for

You’re Amazing

You, well, you’re amazing. And it’s an amazing world.

Come join this journey to see all that’s amazing to see in the amazing universe, made for, and by, you and me.

In this story, you’ll see wildlife and birds in pictures and words. You’ll see scenes of great beauty, places and things truly wonderful to see.

You’ll see what’s truly amazing in the world, universe and inside of you and me. So, let’s go. Being amazing, it’s our loving destiny.



5 Star Care

Five Star Care.

It’s about becoming more aware of how we can care more and share more.

How we can give more of what people adore.

Read this story to see how Five Star Care is really what we’re all here for.






Different Dog

Sometimes being different is the only way to be. When for example, you see something that no one else can see.

Or, for example, when being different helps you to be the best that you can be.

Of course, we all see things differently, now and again, but then, some of us see things differently nine times out of ten.

And that’s okay too. It’s great to be just good ole you.

Come take a trip with Save the World Dog to see how sometimes, some people see things differently, and how being a different dog is simply a great way to be.

It’s about embracing individuality to make for an extra special journey.


Love Your Fabler

Be abler. Love thy fabler.

Sure, we know that it’s important to love thy neighbor, but do you know why it’s so important to love thy fabler?

What’s a fabler? Well, it’s time to find out.

It has to do with writing and particularly loving-good writing.

Writing that’s outta sighting. Writing that will make your heart warm and glowing. And that will fill your head up with what you ought to be knowing.

So, it’s time to find out why you might just want to give your fabler a little extra good lovin’. And why, when you do, you’ll be lovin’ it too.


Love Is in the Air

Love is in the air. You can feel it, here, there, and everywhere.

Love is in the air. It’s something to share. It’s something to dare. It’s something.

Love is in the air. It’s time to care. It’s time to be more aware.

Love is in the air. Love is in the air. Feel it, here, there and everywhere. And share it, here, there and everywhere.