May 22, 2016

Children’s Books

The Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew series

Can you do it? The Ucadoo Crew says you can. A butterfly, a bee and a kangaroo join a dog (and a cat) as superheroes to not only teach children that they can be amazing, and do amazing things, but also that they can save the world!

What You Can Bee

What can you be? With a bee called a Ucanbee, and a Honey Tree, you can be anything you want to be. That is the message of this uplifting and encouraging book. This book is the first in a series of over a dozen books, and introduces children to the first two characters in the Ucadoo Crew, an empowering set of superheroes.

Ucadoo Kangaroo

Ucadoo Kangaroo’s motto is “you can do anything you set your heart to do.” Children follow along with this story which tells them what’s fun and loving to do, while introducing them to a lovable kangaroo.

Hop, hop, hopping along, this character and story flows from beginning to end making children feel more and more comfortable with a powerful can do message.

Ucafly Butterfly

Well, butterflies can fly, but so can children when they listen to Ucafly Butterfly tell them how to use their imagination to take them to faraway places. Children travel to planets with Ucafly Butterfly whose motto empowers them. She tells them, “you can fly anywhere you want to fly, even to outer space, a very far out place.” With that, children feel even more positive about what they can do, as they learn from this new addition to the Ucadoo Crew.

Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew

This story brings the bee, kangaroo, and butterfly together with Save the World Dog, to form a powerful superhero series. The crew go on three missions, one to put out a forest fire, one to save a whale that’s beached on the shore, and a third to stop an asteroid.  All three engage the children as they volunteer to participate in the world-saving missions. Find out what, with the Ucadoo Crew, together your child and the crew can do.

Save the World Cat Is About to Shout, “Icadoo Colors!”

Join cat and her Icadoo Crew as they learn to do colors, teaching your child all the while which colors are what. Red, green, and bluish grey hues… all these and more, your child will learn with this great superhero cat.

She’s joined by Icahop Hippo and Good Habitat Rabbit…to name only some of the fun animals who each can do colors.

By the time you’re done, your child will be doing colors, all while having lots of fun, too!

The Be the Star U series

The Be the Star U crew is a crew of fun animals, like Empathy Elly-Phant and Sensitive Sensible Bee, who teach great traits like caring and sensitivity.

With so much emphasis today on the need for social-emotional learning who better to teach important character traits than a fun animal crew. Find out just how much fun learning about great behavioral traits can be with this extraordinary set of characters whose goal is more social responsibility and improving humanity.

Empathy Elly-phant

Empathy, it’s about walking in someone else’s shoes. Of course, that’s something that all kids like to do. How many children have tried on their parents shoes? Well, a dialogue between Elly and Cheetah provides just the right fit to entertain and teach the idea that we can learn to see what others see and we’re never too young to learn about empathy.

Earthly Actions

Who better to tell the story of how to take care of the earth than a character named Earthly Actions, the Earth itself.

If the earth could talk, what might it say?

We find out when Earthly takes children on a journey to relate to concepts like recycling, reusing, and reducing, and other actions that are important to the earth that they might not have considered.


Safe, happy, equal and free… by the time you and your child are done with this hopeful story, you will have each other singing those four words.

And your child will have a better sense for how the ideals of life, liberty, happiness and equality matter in their everyday life. It’s a great way to introduce a concept that many children typically don’t see until an older age, to children ages 6-10.

Be the Star U

A poetic journey for children to learn about caring for animals, the environment and one another.

With lively and engaging characters, this story brings children valuable behaviors, such as thoughtfulness, sensitivity and empathy.

Engaging, entertaining and enlightening, this is one in a series of several books to teach children that they can be the star they want to be.


The Sensitive Sensible Bee and Lady Bug Serenity

Join Bee and Lady Bug Serenity to see what they can see when they act sensitively, caring about how others feel on a fun-filled journey.

Meet friendly characters, as Bee and Bug set out to see, hear and feel what makes life fun, full and real – and as they, with fun, help another to heal.

Individuality Bear Meets Integrity Hare, Make-A-Wish Fish, & What’s-the-Good-Word Bird

This is a story about a bear who learns a little bit about the power of a wish and the power of care. About the power of being the best that he can be, and living with integrity.

It’s a story with fun and hope for everyone.

It’s a story of magic where magic gets the loving lesson done.

So it’s time to read, it’s time to hop, it’s time to swim and, of course, run….

Run right into this fun-filled book with uplifting pages and words of wisdom like that of the greatest of sages – in this case, Individuality Bear, Integrity Hare, Make-a-Wish Fish and What’s-the-Good-Word Bird, each bringing wisdom for children of all ages.

Meaningful Mouse

Meaningful Mouse is going on a journey far away, far away from the house, after he thinks his life is a bit too boring…

The same old toys, the same girls and boys.

It all seems so dull.


Something happens in playing a video game. From then on, things for Mouse will never be the same. Find out how his life is changed in this fun-filled tale about what it means to live with meaning.