November 5, 2015

Non-Fiction Books

Creating Harmony

Alignment, balance, harmony, each of these words could describe a goal that many of us might want. And perhaps we have a way to achieve it in our own lives. Yet, clearly, the world is full of misalignments, imbalance and disharmony.

This book describes a fascinating discovery about how we might create more balance and harmony in the world and in individual lives. Though many concepts in it may not seem, at first glance, to provide a revolutionary – or resolutionary – approach to creating better lives and a better world, we submit that if what we’ve discovered is true, it holds the promise of creating a revolution in the way we, as individuals, and the world, achieve the ideals of life, liberty, happiness and equality.

Imagine that harmony could be achieved in our interactions by recognizing that there are parts to a harmonious interaction. We offer, in this book, strong evidence, if not a proof, for such a conclusion.

Much as we can identify misalignments in the body we can identify misalignments – and a path to alignment – in our interactions. Learning about several behaviors and values we discover a whole new way to look at life and the world.

Learn for yourself a powerful new discovery, an insight into the workings of nature, as it pertains to creating harmony, and a way to transform lives and the world.

Blank Over Coffee

What goes on over coffee? Well, perhaps, more than you think. This is a story of what went on in the lives of two people who wrote several books, dozens, over coffee.

And they’re not writers.

They discovered an interesting way to look at the world and their lives. They discovered that there might just be, in nature, a formula, or an organization of sorts that leads to harmony.

This is the story of how they came to discover what they think has the potential to be this generation’s, this century’s greatest discovery.

Whether you agree or not with what they discovered, this book takes you on a journey to see how, sometimes, taking a book off a shelf can change your life.

Sharing Values

What if there was an underlying organization to balance and harmony? And what if we could apply that organization to our relationships? And what if the organization also related to creating more peace and prosperity in the world?

 The word organization holds a clue to how we can create harmony. Organization, with the root, organ, suggests that the idea relates to the body. Organizing, or harmonizing our world, might be possible by mimicking the body. That is if we want to create organization, as opposed to disorganization, and chaos, we can do it by mimicking the body’s design.

 What we have found is that there are some interesting things in common with harmonizing our behavior and how the body, naturally, harmonizes its parts. Love is a pump like the heart. Thoughtfulness is a processor like the brain. Responsiveness is the nerve of our interaction. We can create more loving behavior in the world by recognizing parts that go into harmonious actions and interactions.

 The insight, or discovery, can be used to guide us as to how to align our lives and the world. Each of several behaviors relates to how we can realize the shared ideals of life, liberty happiness, and equality. Find out why this organizational discovery offers a powerful insight into how we might peacefully and effectively transform one another and the world.

A System for Harmony
“The system is broken,” or “the system is fine,” regardless of your view, each reflects the idea that there is a system. And yet, what exactly is the system? And is it actually organized?

This book looks at what it would mean to organize our system. For what purpose? For harmony, of course. What better purpose could there be?

Systems, such as the body, operate for balanced movement and harmony. Perhaps, we can learn something from the way it achieves balance.

By identifying parts of balanced movement, we can create a system for harmony.

Sure, it’s not an easy approach, but then we’re talking about world harmony. Do you really expect it to be easy. If it were it would have been done already. We cannot create harmony if we don’t try. What better way to model our world than on the model of the body. 

Our predecessors have brought us great inventions and discoveries, now it is our turn to bring the world a new way of creating balance and prosperity.

The Anatomy of Our Behavior

What makes for harmonious behavior? By way of a metaphor to the body, consider the possibility that there are essential behaviors for harmony and fulfillment.

Loving. One can be in their relations what a heart is for the body. As a pump, we give and receive nourishing resources for balanced and healthy relationships like the heart pumps, gives and receives resources for balance and health in the body. With love we give and receive essential resources, including time, attention and affection.

Thoughtful. One can be in their relations what a brain is for the body. Using our memory, processing and computing capability to create balanced interactions and balanced relationships, we act like the brain processes and computes for balance in the body. Connected with care, our thought nourishes.

Just like the heart and brain in the body work together along with other parts to create a whole system, love and thoughtfulness and several other essential positive behaviors work together in our relations for wholeness and balance in our lives.

So take a journey to discover how several behaviors are like several parts of the body and why such an insight is transformative. Is it possible that the body is a dynamic plan, an amazing blueprint for balance in our relationships and societies? If so, then this exploration is just the beginning of extending the majesty of the healthy body into the realm of behavior.

Cafe Superheroes?

Starbucks has the power to change the world in a way that few other entities can. Every day millions of people enter its doors, day in, day out. It has been described as the “third place” besides home and work. People go and spend hours there, making connections with others in a way that they can do in few other places. And Starbucks makes this happen not only on a national scale but also on an international scale.

And because of their unique position, they are uniquely suited to do something perhaps few have imagined. They have the power to introduce to the world a fascinating discovery, an insight into human behavior, and into a systems law. Many have been searching for a systems common denominator. A way to understand how we might order our lives and world to be more harmonious.

That discovery has been made and we’re bringing it to Starbucks to consider and reveal to the world. And not only have we made an insightful discovery but also we’ve built a fun and engaging program to help them deliver it.

And, so, that’s why we’ve written a letter to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO. He has the power to bring, perhaps, the greatest discovery of the 21st century to — the world!

A Legal Framework

This second letter takes the reader on a journey to learn how we, as individuals, and we, as a society, can better realize the objectives of life, liberty, happiness and equality.

The work of one of the founders of law and economics, the Honorable Guido Calabresi, famous within legal circles, has tremendous value for policymakers and business leaders. Here, in this second letter to Howard Schultz and the rest of the world’s people, we better explain how his famous legal framework relates to a systematic understanding of our world and lives. The legal framework is one piece of a broader framework. It’s a tool, a means for helping us to be more responsive to our deep-rooted needs.

Businesses, and the individuals who make decisions in them, particularly, have the constant challenge of helping people to meet their need for life’s essentials, along with their need to pursue happiness and act freely. Can businesses and individuals create more equality while also promoting markets and capitalism? This book takes a look at how a seminal framework of law can help us to resolve our personal and world challenges. And it looks at how this framework relates to a broader framework for creating harmony.

The human body is a model of harmony, but one part, in particular, is the central focus of this book, the nerves, and its behavioral analog, responsiveness. How can we, as individuals, and organizations, be responsive to the essential needs people have for life, liberty, happiness and equality? That’s the topic this letter explores and aims to answer.

Being Loving… Ohhh!

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” These words of wisdom from Oprah are one of a multitude, words we might expect from someone who has interviewed and associated with many of the great leaders of our time. And someone who herself has modeled in many ways great leadership.
How can we not only surround ourselves with people who lift us higher but also be that person who lifts ourselves and others higher?

This is a book that explores the idea of self-actualization and self-transcendence, a mission guided toward lifting all higher.

Sharing an insight in a letter directed to Oprah and all the world’s people, the authors capture a tiny fraction of the wisdom that Oprah has offered while explaining how we might turn to another model for self-actualization and transcendence.

The human body is a design model extraordinaire. It displays majestic balance and harmony. Might we be able to model our lives and interactions on its beauty. And if so, how does it comport with some notable ideas, ideas that we can look at through the lens of a public figure like Oprah. Of course, there is no one like Oprah, she is unique – and so are we, each and every one of us. How do we bring that uniqueness to the world so that it can shine in unity and harmony with one another. This is the topic we explore.

Guns, Gals and Guys

Abigail Disney is a filmmaker with a mission, or several missions, all

which can be summed up as being about trying to make a better world.

What better person to reach out to share an insight into how to bring about more peace, more loving behavior and more harmony.

Beyond being the granddaughter of Roy Disney, and grandniece of Walt Disney, she is a powerful voice for change and societal improvement. She has taken on numerous issues, including women’s issues, gun rights, and corporate responsibility.

She is outspoken and out of the box.

In this letter, the authors reach out to Abigail Disney to share with readers some of the work she’s doing and the ideas she offers while at the same time inviting readers to learn a little about the authors’ efforts to bring an insight into how to create a more harmonious world to the world.

If someone such as Abby Disney can’t help bring a powerful insight into creating constructive change and a powerful superhero series to the world, who can – after you get to know a little about her, you may just be asking that same question. We hope we’ll all find that the answer she gives is “I can help with that – harmonizing? count me in.”

Equal Justice

How many authors can say they’ve had their book offered at Starbucks? How many people can say they’ve worked on death row? How many people can say that they’ve met individuals who spent years in prison, sometimes solitary confinement waiting for their death to be executed by the state only to be exonerated for a crime they did not commit?
Well, Bryan Stevenson can say he has to each of those. His book Just Mercy chronicles real-life stories of injustice, stories of horrors that many could never imagine, horrors that many Americans would think should not happen in America.

And his story was carried at Starbucks, something that less than a dozen people can say of their work, of their writing.

What would compel Starbucks and Howard Schultz, its CEO, to carry this book when there are so many others that could produce just as much profits. Certainly, it must be a sense of concern and care. This is a problem, the one that Stevenson details, that disproportionately affects minorities and particularly black individuals. So, why are we writing to Bryan?

There are some people who will never read Just Mercy – at least not without an extra push. And so, we’ve written this book to help draw some additional attention to the book and cause. Moreover, we’ve written this to share an insight into how we can engender in the population more constructive activism – the kind which can save lives and help bring about the ideals of justice, the idea that we are all created equal, with an equal right to life, liberty and to pursue happiness – equal justice under the law is something that we the people can bring about. It’s about hope and hope for all. Happiness Of Pursuit, Equality FOR A Liberated Life.

Good Advice

Peter Theil has been at the forefront of leading-edge development and thought.

He is particularly interested in fostering breakthrough thinking and understanding.

And for this reason, we write to him to make an appeal to help us bring to the world, a breakthrough new discovery about how nature works as pertains to harmony – to the harmonizing of systems, processes and relationships.

We also write this to the “rest of the world’s people” to introduce them to Mr. Thiel, as pertains to some things that we think are important to consider, relevant to bringing about harmony.

We have written several books about harmony, Creating Harmony, Sharing Values, and A System for Harmony, which explain in more detail that discovery. This book does not repeat those books but offers some summary of that discovery, along with a little bit about our efforts to bring this to the world, most directly here, an effort to reach out and be received and embraced by Mr. Thiel.

We see him as a critical leader in our world, one who can make a significant impact by recognizing a discovery that frankly is hard for many to appreciate and realize.

It is our hope and belief that Mr. Thiel will be excited and enthusiastic to add this — helping bring this to the world —  to his list of many accomplishments the world should greatly appreciate, accomplishments which the reader will see are on par with those of the greatest among us and at the same time those of the least among us, and all those in between.

Reaching out to the Top

“Revolution…” the Bob Marley song plays overhead, as I begin to write the back cover of this book completed last week. Revolution, a fitting song to synchronistically play, as only twelve hours ago, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Presidential race.

We, Cathy and I, write about an insight into nature, and an insight into law and economics. Though our breakthrough discovery began with a famous framework of law by a Federal Judge who some see as liberal, his framework was really neutral. We’ve been writing for years about how we – we, the people –can make use of a broader framework that exists in nature.

There is a way that order and organization work in nature and we can mimic that order to bring about amazing, and unifying, solutions.

I was heartened to hear in last night’s acceptance speech by Donald Trump that he used the word unifying – watching it live, staying up later than I have in years, knowing that this election holds with it such huge consequences and opportunities.

We know that Donald Trump is going to be immensely busy in the next several years.

But we also know that what we’ve written about has the power to make his job much easier. We write about an insight into harmonizing, an insight into bringing about balanced policies. We’ve been writing to liberals for years, reaching out to them in common cause, the cause of the everyday person, and it is with great honor, and humility, that we are able to reach out to our first populist president. It really brings tears to our eyes. We have so much hope for this country and the world. We write about HOPE FOR ALL, which is life, liberty, happiness, and equality, slightly rearranged: Happiness Of Pursuit, Equality FOR A Liberated Life.

“Satisfy my soul…,” the song plays, finishing off this cover. We hope that you recognize in this book the power of nature that exists to help you and us on our shared journey.



When the notion of true happiness captivates our heart we move beyond seeking temporary happiness. We move toward finding ways to enrich each other’s long-term lives.


When the notion of equality captivates our heart it makes us value our behaviors more. Equality is a quality of life that connects us. We can’t hope for a better, more hopeful world without also hoping for more equality.


The beautiful freedom we seek is always freedom from something, such as fear, threat, and harm, or freedom to do something, such as love, share, and give of our heart, mind and body.LifeWhen life and life’s essentials become dearer to us we begin to lessen our wants, we begin to lessen our interest in getting more and more. We become more thankful for the simple pleasures. Getting food, water, shelter and clothing to all the world’s people becomes part of our vision and engages our energy and focus.

The ABCs of Running for President

There are a lot of people running on a lot of creative and progressive ideas, but there is no one running that has a comprehensive way of dealing with the problems.

There is no one that is looking at a comprehensive set of solutions.

Running for president from A-Z, or The ABCs of Running for President, is about an approach that can get the job done.

It involves some very real limits on anti-competitive behavior. It involves some very real limits on the top.

And it involves some very real opportunities for all people.

Your Company Is a Princess

Aligning an organization. Who wants to align their organization? Maybe only a few people at the top may give thought to how to organize their organization for organization, not chaos. But if you are one of the many people who work in a company, who wishes your organization would run a little or a lot more organized, for efficiency and effectiveness, so it could be more profitable and yes, even a lot more humane, then you might just want to read about this company called Princess. She’s a real princess and wants to be treated like one. So, take a chance and see just how your company can become a princess of a company, too.