Sharing Values

Sharing Values: What if there was an underlying organization to balance and harmony? And what if we could apply that organization to our relationships? And what if the organization also related to creating more peace and prosperity in the world?  The word organization holds a clue to how we can create harmony. Organization, with the[…]

You’re Amazing

You’re Amazing: You, well, you’re amazing. And it’s an amazing world. Come join this journey to see all that’s amazing to see in the amazing universe, made for, and by, you and me. In this story, you’ll see wildlife and birds in pictures and words. You’ll see scenes of great beauty, places and things truly wonderful to see. You’ll see what’s truly amazing in the world,[…]


Because, that’s why. Because it’s there. Because we can. Because we want to. Because, because, because, because of the wonderful things he does.   Maybe, we should start over. Why what? Why do we want to make a better world – that is the question. That is the question addressed by this journey into why,[…]


Altruisme. Attitudes, behavior and character traits, each of several traits are poetically described to inspire and educate readers to demonstrate the traits. With a separate section on attitudes, behaviors and character traits, all tied to an acronym, altruisme, according to the French spelling, children learn about these three different facets of one’s overall personality.