The Anatomy of Our Behavior

The Anatomy of Our Behavior:

What makes for harmonious behavior? By way of a metaphor to the body, consider the possibility that there are essential behaviors for harmony and fulfillment.

Loving. One can be in their relations what a heart is for the body. As a pump, we give and receive nourishing resources for balanced and healthy relationships like the heart pumps, gives and receives resources for balance and health in the body. With love we give and receive essential resources, including time, attention and affection.

Thoughtful. One can be in their relations what a brain is for the body. Using our memory, processing and computing capability to create balanced interactions and balanced relationships, we act like the brain processes and computes for balance in the body. Connected with care, our thought nourishes.

Just like the heart and brain in the body work together along with other parts to create a whole system, love and thoughtfulness and several other essential positive behaviors work together in our relations for wholeness and balance in our lives.

So take a journey to discover how several behaviors are like several parts of the body and why such an insight is transformative. Is it possible that the body is a dynamic plan, an amazing blueprint for balance in our relationships and societies? If so, then this exploration is just the beginning of extending the majesty of the healthy body into the realm of behavior.

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