A Discovery…

We’ve written dozens of books, all which center around a recognition that there is in nature a formula for harmonizing.

Of course, that’s a pretty big assertion. There is a formula for harmonizing. That alone is a large assertion. But also, that the formula can be discerned from nature, that too is a large assertion.

So, it should be no surprise that to back up such a large assertion there would be several books.

Well, each of the several books focus on particular aspects of the discovery. And we do call it a discovery because it is something that exists in nature. We think of things like gravity as existing in nature. And the rotation of the earth, this too exists in nature. We actually to this point in history have not had an assertion that there is in nature an order to things such as harmony.

Well, rather than belabor this point here, we’ll simply list the emphasis of each of the several books we have written.

Blank Over Coffee – This book explains a little of our journey to making a discovery but more about why we write in the cafe. It also explains many of the things that Starbucks, one of the places we frequent, is doing to be socially responsible.

Uniting Over Coffee – “Dunkin Donuts,” a patron says in the cafe, “You want to go to Dunkin’ Donuts?” just as i’m about to type: To share the wealth, we’ve explored the world of Dunkin’ Donuts and their values, while explaining why we write in the cafe. This book is includes Blank Over Coffee after opening chapters that explain why we’re also interested in sharing what Dunkin’ Donuts is doing in the area of social responsibility. As with Blank Over Coffee, Uniting Over Coffee explains how a discovery might be brought to the world, not only through bookstores, but also through cafes.

Creating HarmonyCreating Harmony is a great place to start to understand what the discovery is. It explains how it is that traits, such as being loving, being thoughtful, and being responsive, among others can be thought to exist in nature, and can be thought to be like parts of some whole, that whole being harmony, or wholeness, or alignment, to name just a few possible concepts which can be thought of as the sum of the parts.







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