You Ca Be Just Good Ole You


You Ca Be Just Good Ole You:

Star Cups and you.

It, saving the world, cannot be done without you.

This fun and entertaining book inspires one and all to embrace their unique individuality. Save the World Dog and his crew admit that there are some things that they cannot do…

Join them to see what they can and cannot do,  and why you are a big part of the journey and story too.

You Ca Be Just Good Ole You       BKSUCAB $9.95

Save the World Dog has stick arms and wheels for feet. He’s a character inspired by heroes who’ve lost their limbs in bravery and heroic feat. The story tells of how being different is something to be proud of. It’s a story of how to be tolerant of embracing, and how to act with love. There is no replacement for individuality, read this story and you’ll see how to make individuality your specialty.

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