Star Cups Cafe, It’s the Only Way

Star Cups Café, It’s theOnly Way:

It’s the only way?

Well, at least that is what the crew has to say. See why they say, “Star Cups Café, it’s the only way, and it’s a great way to start a world-saving day.” And share in the fun of making a better world as you enjoy coffee, tea or even a nice hot latte.

And be prepared for a special Star Cups Café surprise!

It may be stormy outside, but it’s always a beautiful day when it’s warm inside.

Star Cups Cafe, It’s the Only Way         BKSCUPS $9.95

This story starts out with gloom, with a gray sky… but soon readers learn that they can do amazing things and take things higher than high – and in the process, they learn why: Star Cups Cafe, it’s the only way. It’s the only way to start a world saving day.

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