Five series, over thirty different books

The cafe series is a continuation of the Save the World Dog series, though the message elevates with the introduction of the characters Save the World Lady and Save the World Guy.

The idea of a series for the cafe is that while books can be sold at bookstores, both brick and mortar and online, the cafes are also ideal for sharing books.

Now, we did not intend on writing books which built the cafe into the story line, but it was a natural outgrowth of frequenting the cafe, as we and many others do.

The cafe has become such a bigger part of society that even McDonald’s has branded into their stores cafes. And in Europe they have stand alone cafes.

Of course, Dunkin’ Donuts has a clientele for morning – and all day – coffee as strong as the biggest of chains. There is, currently no bigger chain than Starbucks, but even chains as small as Cafe Coffee Day (India) and Caffe Nero (Europe) have sizable chains.

And so, in hopes that we might reach people with a superhero series and a discovery, people who might not frequent bookstores, we have written books that could be sold in cafes around the world.

It is our goal to have as many chains as possible carry these books. For that reason we have created several home base cafes for each of several of the books.

For McDonald’s lovers, there’s McStars Cafe.

For Dunkin’ Donuts lovers, there’s Dunkin’ Cups Cafe.

For Starbucks lovers, there’s Star Cups cafe.

For Cafe Coffee Day lovers, there’s Yay! Cafe Coffee.

For Whole Foods lovers, there’s Wholly Cafe.

For Caffe Nero lovers, there’s Caffe Hero.

You can see each of those cafes in the background of the first book in the cafe series, Save the World Dog Drives a Car and Goes Really Far.

















And each book in the series of more than twenty-five books is tailored to the cafe of your choice.

The whole series of cafe books can be tailored around any of the five cafes mentioned, or even your favorite cafe chain.








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