The World Is in This Cup

The World Is in Your Cup ctwu -

The World Is in This Cup:

The world is in this cup?

“Yup,” says Pup.

You’ve heard of “hop on pop,” well, this is pup on top – this is the whole world on top – when…

when you see how we’re all in this together. Take a journey to see just how we’re all in this cup – together, no matter the way, no matter the weather.

It’s a one way ticket we’ve got, riding on this world. So c’mon. Let’s go see how we’re the ingredients for a better world, cup.

The World Is in This Cup         BKSTHEW $9.95

The world is in everything we do. Children may not realize it but so much of what we have is made with the caring hands of people from distant lands. In this story, children learn, as they take a journey from place to place and space to space, just how wonderfully mixed-up a simple cup is.

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