The Bionic Organization

Martin Reeves, for those who don’t know, is a leader with the Henderson Institute and BCG, Boston Consulting Group, a premier consultant to businesses.

He has a TED Talk in which he recommends that a business take some “direction” from the model of the human body’s immune system.

Well, Cathy and I have been writing for the general public for several years about an insight which relates to what Reeves is saying in that talk.\

The insight is that we can take direction from the human body. Whether we’re a business or we’re an individual, in all our interactions and relationships, we can learn from the way the human body “harmonizes.” By harmonizes, we mean organizes. And by organizes, we mean brings parts together to form a whole.

We can mimic the way that the healthy body functions to form healthy, whole relationships and organizations.

Now, knowledge is one thing. Knowledge of this needs something else. It needs a receptive audience. And for that reason we reach out to Mr. Reeves. It is possible that with his background in biology and his understanding and expertise in business consulting that he will be in a position to receive us and the message we have which we think can set in motion a whole new way to “organize” – for harmony … and efficiency … and productivity.

To this point, we’ve struggled to get an audience and so we’re hopeful that with Mr. Reeves that will change.

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