Star Cups Gives

Star Cups Gives:

Star Cups gives.

It’s time to find out what Star Cups gives.

Star Cups gives a care….

And you can too with the Star Cups give-a-dare.

See what you are being tasked to do. See how you are being asked to care. And see how you can share in the attempt to make us all more aware.

We need you here, we need you there. Here, there, and everywhere with Star Cups and you someone, somewhere, will receive your tender, loving care. So, c’mon, let’s share with flair!

Star Cups Gives         BKSGIVE $9.95

Star Cups Gives. It’s about giving… giving with care, giving with the Star Cups give-a-dare! Dare to care and see how much Star Cups, and you, together, are able to share. Star Cups gives – it’ll make you just a little more aware.

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