Reaching Out

The Reaching Out series consists of several book-length letters to various people who have the distribution outlets of the platform to bring this special message to the world.

Though the series describes the efforts Cathy and Chris have made to reach out to those who could help bring this message to the world, the books in this series also develop the discovery. They explain aspects of the discovery not explained in the core books on the discovery, books such as Creating Harmony, Sharing Values, and A System for Harmony and the others in the Discovery series.

For example, A Legal Framework, A 2nd Letter to Howard Schultz describes in more detail the “responsiveness” and “responsive rights” piece of harmonizing. And Being Loving, Ohhh! A Letter to Oprah describes several other parts in the context of established Eastern and Western thought. The Bionic Organization, A Letter to Martin Reeves (of BCG’s Henderson Institute) explains how this management consultant’s idea, (about the immune system being a model for a company) can be understood in a broader, more comprehensive model.

Each of the several books in this series develop valuable facets to increase one’s understanding of the discovery, while at the same time looking at what it takes to bring a discovery to the world.



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