Reaching out to the Top

Reaching out to the Top:

“Revolution…” the Bob Marley song plays overhead, as I begin to write the back cover of this book completed last week. Revolution, a fitting song to synchronistically play, as only twelve hours ago, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Presidential race.

We, Cathy and I, write about an insight into nature, and an insight into law and economics. Though our breakthrough discovery began with a famous framework of law by a Federal Judge who some see as liberal, his framework was really neutral. We’ve been writing for years about how we – we, the people –can make use of a broader framework that exists in nature.

There is a way that order and organization works in nature and we can mimic that order to bring about amazing, and unifying, solutions.

I was heartened to hear in last night’s acceptance speech by Donald Trump that he used the word unifying – watching it live, staying up later than I have in years, knowing that this election holds with it such huge consequences and opportunities.

We know that Donald Trump is going to be immensely busy in the next several years.

But we also know that what we’ve written about has the power to make his job much easier. We write about an insight into harmonizing, an insight into bringing about balanced policies. We’ve been writing to liberals for years, reaching out to them in common cause, the cause of the everyday person, and it is with great honor, and humility, that we are able to reach out to our first populist president. It really brings tears to our eyes. We have so much hope for this country and the world. We write about HOPE FOR ALL, which is life, liberty, happiness, and equality, slightly rearranged: Happiness Of Pursuit, Equality FOR A Liberated Life.

“Satisfy my soul…,” the song plays, finishing off this cover. We hope that you recognize in this book the power of nature that exists to help you and us on our shared journey.

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