Loving Inclusion

Loving Inclusion:

You may not know who Nick Hanauer is, but he’s in the process of making himself and his cause known.

He made his way onto the national, and world stage, by announcing as a billionaire his concern that things have gotten out of hand.

He, in a Ted Talk, expressed his concern that the “pitchforks” might be coming, if – if things don’t change.

And so, in addition to his Ted Talk (his second one) he is championing causes and initiatives.

But is it enough?

Will he be satisfied with the rate of change? Or, does he want to embrace a fascinating new way to understand our world and a fascinating new startup with products that can change the world in a substantive and root way.

There’s a discovery of a common denominator between systems. And it just might be that Nick Hanauer will play a pivotal role in bringing that discovery to the world. It’s a discovery that there are parts to harmonizing interactions, relationships, processes and organizations.

It may be the greatest discovery of the 21st Century. Only a few people know about it. But after Nick finds out about it, that can change in a dramatic way!

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