It’s Organic

This is five books in one. Let’s start at the end and work our way to the beginning.

The last book included in it is Creating Harmony. Creating Harmony explains how there is a discovery of a law of nature. It turns out that nature has an order to it that pertains to harmonizing, harmonizing our behavior and our systems. It even pertains to harmonizing our organizations.

Yet, if it is true that there is such a discovery, why hasn’t that news made it into the mainstream? Well, that’s where the other four books come in. The third and fourth books are A Letter to Howard Schultz and A 2nd Letter to Howard Schultz. These books explain why we reached out to the CEO of Starbucks to enlist his help in bringing this discovery to the world. Not succeeding there, we reached out to President Trump. And A Letter to President Trump is included in this book as the second book.

Each of these four books, which follow our personal letter to John Mackey explain what the discovery is and why we need help from those who have the resources to bring this message to the world. It is our hope in reaching out to John Mackey and Jeff Bezos that we will have finally gotten a receptive audience, one that will embrace our efforts and help distribute them to the masses.

“It’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, plays in the cafe … “and i’m feeling


Imagine that this is really a discovery that has the power to bring about dramatically more harmony and those with the resources to help did not.

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