Good Advice

Good Advice:

Peter Thiel has been at the forefront of leading edge development and thought.

He is particularly interested in fostering breakthrough thinking and understanding.

And for this reason, we write to him to make an appeal to help us bring to the world, a breakthrough new discovery about how nature works as pertains to harmony – to the harmonizing of systems, processes and relationships.

We also write this to the “rest of the world’s people” to introduce them to Mr. Thiel, as pertains to some things that we think are important to consider, relevant to bringing about harmony.

We have written several books about harmony, Creating Harmony, Sharing Values, and A System for Harmony, which explain in more detail that discovery. This book does not repeat those books but offers some summary of that discovery, along with a little bit about our efforts to bring this to the world, most directly here, an effort to reach out and be received and embraced by Mr. Thiel.

We see him as a critical leader in our world, one who can make a significant impact by recognizing a discovery that frankly is hard for many to appreciate and realize.

It is our hope and belief that Mr. Thiel will be excited and enthusiastic to add this — helping bring this to the world —  to his list of many accomplishments the world should greatly appreciate, accomplishments which the reader will see are on par with those of the greatest among us and at the same time those of the least among us, and all those in between.

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