Cup Up

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Cup Up:

Man up? Woman up?

It’s time to cup up. It’s time to raise a glass. It’s time to catch a pass. It’s our job too – there’s a lot more we can do.

It’s time to see what we both need to do, how to step up, how to raise ourselves up – and up and up.

This is about our joint world-saving bout.

It’s up to us, the café and you, to make a difference.

We’ve got to bring others along too. So, let’s go join this world saving pup, and give it up, while we cup up!

Cup Up         BKSCUPU $9.95

Cup up. There’s  man up, and woman up! Hey, what else is up? What’s up? The Cup is up. It’s and up cup, this Cup Up. Find out just how up, when you read it up.

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