Cafe Superheroes?

Cafe Superheroes?:

Starbucks has the power to change the world in a way that few other entities can. Every day millions of people enter its doors, day in, day out. It has been described as the “third place” besides home and work. People go and spend hours there, making connections with others in a way that they can do in few other places. And Starbucks makes this happen not only on a national scale but also on an international scale.

And because of their unique position, they are uniquely suited to do something perhaps few have imagined. They have the power to introduce to the world a fascinating discovery, an insight into human behavior, and into a systems law. Many have been searching for a systems common denominator. A way to understand how we might order our lives and world to be more harmonious.

That discovery has been made and we’re bringing it to Starbucks to consider and reveal to the world. And not only have we made an insightful discovery but also we’ve built a fun and engaging program to help them deliver it.

And, so, that’s why we’ve written a letter to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO. He has the power to bring, perhaps, the greatest discovery of the 21st century to — the world!

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