A Legal Framework

A Legal Framework:
This second letter takes the reader on a journey to learn how we, as individuals, and we, as a society, can better realize the objectives of life, liberty, happiness and equality.

The work of one of the founders of law and economics, the Honorable Guido Calabresi, famous within legal circles, has tremendous value for policymakers and business leaders. Here, in this second letter to Howard Schultz and the rest of the world’s people we better explain how his famous legal framework relates to a systematic understanding of our world and lives. The legal framework is one piece of a broader framework. It’s a tool, a means for helping us to be more responsive to our deep rooted needs.

Businesses, and the individuals who make decisions in them, particularly, have the constant challenge of helping people to meet their need for life’s essentials, along with their need to pursue happiness and act freely. Can businesses and individuals create more equality while also promoting markets and capitalism? This book takes a look at how a seminal framework of law can help us to resolve our personal and world challenges. And it looks at how this framework relates to a broader framework for creating harmony.

The human body is a model of harmony, but one part in particular is the central focus of this book, the nerves, and its behavioral analog, responsiveness. How can we, as individuals, and organizations, be responsive to the essential needs people have for life, liberty, happiness and equality? That’s the topic this letter explores and aims to answer.


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