Guns, Gals and Guys

Guns, Gals and Guys:

Abigail Disney is a filmmaker with a mission, or several missions, all which can be summed up as being about trying to make a better world.

What better person to reach out to to share an insight into how to bring about more peace, more loving behavior and more harmony.

Beyond being the granddaughter of Roy Disney, and grandniece of Walt Disney, she is a powerful voice for change and societal improvement. She has taken on numerous issues, including women’s issues, gun rights, and corporate responsibility.

She is outspoken and out of the box.

In this letter, the authors reach out to Abigail Disney to share with readers some of the work she’s doing and the ideas she offers while at the same time inviting readers to learn a little about the authors’ efforts to bring an insight into how to create a more harmonious world to the world.

If someone such as Abby Disney can’t help bring a powerful insight into creating constructive change and a powerful superhero series to the world, who can – after you get to know a little about her, you may just be asking that same question. We hope we’ll all find that the answer she gives is “I can help with that – harmonizing? count me in.”

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