Advocating change with balance

In several books, for various different audiences, we bring forth an insight into how nature works to create alignment and balance. We apply the natural order to relationships to show how parts make for wholeness in our interactions and relationships. We extend the approach to show how to create balance in our processes and systems.


Comics With a Cause combine the playful side of life with the more serious side, each side, however, inspiring creative and constructive growth and change. The comics bring artists and writers together to encourage, while offering thought-provoking messages.


Super Star Cards feature superheroes and superstars, some fictional and some real life. The idea is to inspire people to do more by highlighting the extraordinary acts of everyday people. The animated characters also add a little playfulness and encouragement.


FIve Star Care magazine brings articles about life, liberty, happiness and equality to readers looking for insight into how we can create a more balanced world. These ideals are often in tension. Learning to balance that tension opens up a whole new world.


Learning about change
Positive change happens when we learn something new and creative

It's less about us, and more about what we do. Sure, we probably should share a little about us. Cathy has a master's degree in elementary education and Chris has a law degree and is an attorney. We, both, have spent years together writing and drawing. To really understand us, it helps to explain what we write about.

Underlying our approach to creating positive and constructive change is an insight into how systems work in balance. The insight relates to behavior and it relates to functioning. It's an insight which guides much of the writing. Of course, there are many possible ways to present a breakthrough, or an insight. One possibility is with a scholarly writing. And we have done that. Another is to write for the general public and we've done that. Beyond that, we believe it's important to reach children and so, we've written and illustrated many books for children, books that slowly, gradually introduce them to the insight.

  • Aligning systems
  • Aligning behavior

Our Team

Cathy is chief illustrator, co-program developer and co-author. She has a master’s degree in elementary education and background in teaching.
Chris is co-author and co-program developer. He has a law degree and background in business development.



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